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Pricing Third Line Imaging is a creative design and photography company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer a range of unique and quality driven design solutions. Having a passion for design and photography along with our extensive experience in the field, we work closely with our clients through the entire design process to ensure that we truly understand their vision and goals. Therefore, using our experience and ideas we come up with fresh and innovative solutions.
High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.
We offers a stable aerial video production platform for creating movies or images for real estate. The freedom of movement allows for a unique perspective previously unattainable with other devices.
► At Third Line Imaging we specialize in fast-loading and high quality virtual tours as well as providing professional photography for properties in the lower mainland area. ► The visual marketing we produce is unmatched in terms of quality and it is most accurate and professional way to showcase a listing. ► Our interactive, virtual panoramic tours show complete details from floor to ceiling, load quickly, and they can be viewed in full screen. ► Our technique is to produce an on line virtual tour that lets the potential buyer know exactly what the listing looks like before they enter the house What makes us different?
Real estate images shot by a photographer need to be cleaned, retouched and made to pop before it is put online or printed. ► HDR image blending (optional) ► Dust removal ► Exposure correction, image depth & contrast ► Color correction and balancing ► Perspective / Composition correction (also called Scaling) ► Straightening of horizon ► Color cast removal ► Color tone matching ► Removal of unwanted objects and people ► Reflection removal of objects and people ► Enhancing of Blue in the sky, Blue in the water, Green in the grass, add fire to the fire place and more